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Maintaining personal distances is an important situation in the fight against viruses and infectious infections. However, it may not be possible to keep the physical distance at the recommended distance in our offices and working areas, and accordingly, to always measure it.

In general, the definition of safe distance in an office is specified as 1.5 – 2 meters. It is important to determine the distances and take the necessary measures when the employees start their jobs.


Designing the safe office concept, Duzey Architecture design team discussed the issue in three parts;

  • Protection of social distance.
  • Improvement of hygiene safety.
  • Control and sustainable business life.

Risky places in offices and work areas are reception, waiting room, meeting room, elevator and common work areas. In order to ensure a safe distance, information and markings must be positioned correctly.

Attention should be paid to the necessary warning signs on the floor, wall or barriers to protect distances in these areas. Signs should be easy to understand with visual expression.

Within the scope of the arrangement of collective and individual workspaces, first of all, the placement of the workstations should be rearranged if possible. Excess tables or chairs should be lifted.

Where these arrangements are not possible, it should be ensured that they are divided by separations, and each department should have functionality not to interrupt communication between employees.

Thanks to special aluminum profile systems manufactured using glass and acrylic (plexiglass) material, it can be easily mounted without damaging the tables.

The creation of all these sections alone will not be enough, and artificial plants, relaxing textures and transitions that will soften the restrictions safely should be provided for the employees to feel comfortable. These innovations will make the environment more comfortable.With the arrangement made in the waiting area, customers should be able to come to the company easily and safely.

It should be ensured that all studies are comfortable without changing the habits that have been formed for years. It should be emphasized that all of these efforts are to ensure and protect the safety of employees.

DUZEY FAIR Managers,

In the total struggle with Covid-19, we have restructured all our habits and behaviors by taking all necessary precautions with our employees as a company. We know well that the coronavirus is not stronger than the preventions taken.


It is very important to ensure the general and private hygiene of the environment and work areas in a regular manner. The used areas should be cleaned regularly with disinfectants. It is possible for the employees to keep their areas clean, disinfect, and provide hygiene by wiping them with alcohol based wet wipes when leaving at the end of the morning and day.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Threat, disinfectant stands have become a necessity in common areas.

In addition, special UVC-Tech devices were required for the use of very risky air conditioners. It has been seen that many companies have to invest in new technologies in their fields of work.

With smart systems, the need for disinfectant systems with thermometer is increasing at the entrances of publics areas. This also applies to furniture and other equipment.


Employees and customers should be recorded in a controlled manner, under a certain procedure. Before the work starts, fever measurements should be done with manual or automatic smart control stations, the registration process is of great importance.

The meeting times of the personnel or customers within the company should be planned by considering the suitability of the place.

It is also important to be able to use systems that can be made remotely depending on the way of work, the situation of the business or the customer.

In case of encountering health problems, the relevant action plan should be put into operation within the scope of the procedure prepared.

All these efforts will ensure a healthy business life and, consequently, the protection of employees and customers.